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Have you been looking for an SEO tool which lets you do check backlinks, track keyword ranking, keyword research, check competitors rank and do a complete SEO audit for your blog? If yes, let me introduce you to one tool which I have personally been using for over 2 months and is trusted by many professional bloggers and SEO agencies. The tool I’m talking about is Ahrefs tool.



In starting stage of my blogging carrier where I don’t know what to write in my website, I guess many bloggers in starting faces this problem where they don’t know what to write, on which topic should they write so that traffic will come. As the motive of every blogger is to increase their traffic and for this we should choose those focus keywords on which traffic potential is more.

There are two types of blogger – a) The one who knows what to write on their website for eg – fashion blogger knows he or she has to write only on fashion that’s it.

b) The one who writes about everything on their website, I was in the second category not now, In starting my website was about everything and I was so confused what should I write? , what people love to read?


In Ahrefs tool, there is a feature name KEYWORDS EXPLORER in which we get thousands of relevant keyword ideas with accurate search volume, keyword difficulty score and advanced metrics like Clicks, Return rate and Parent topic.

My first problem related to keywords was solved when I used this tool, this tool helps me to find potential keywords with fewer keywords difficulty, with more organic clicks and more global volume.

Live example is – My first post was  DIGITAL PROFIT COURSE 

Although We call it DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE but on this keyword, keyword difficulty was very high and in starting every blogger prefer those keywords in which keyword difficulty is less than 10. So that’s why I prefer DIGITAL PROFIT COURSE  over DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE because of less keyword difficulty.

Along with kD(keyword difficulty), it helps me to know about search volume of that keyword with clicks or without clicks and about paid clicks and organic clicks.

One of the best things I like about Ahrefs tool is it tells me about every country means in each country how much that particular keyword search by volume.

So this tool really helps me a lot at starting stage where I was so confused in keywords.

Ahrefs tool
Ahrefs tool

So in above image, you can see keyword difficulty, search volume, organic clicks, traffic potential and Top countries by volume. I will never use this keyword for my blog because of KEYWORD DIFFICULTY.



 The second problem I faced in starting related to content. To rank a website, there is one ranking factor which is words of your post which is more the better. Ahrefs tool helps me a lot at that time.


In Ahrefs tool, there is a feature name CONTENT EXPLORER in which we find the most shared content on any topic and TOP 10 shared content of last 24 hours. To write more about any topic this tool helps us to collect more, relevant and most shared content.

Shared content means how much that particular keyword or topic is shared on all social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Linkedin etc

Live example – My second post was about ONLINE JOBS in which I write about online jobs after DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE  and more online jobs which we can do.

So my both problems were solved by AHrefs tool , this particular keyword has very less keyword difficulty with more organic clicks and more search volume that’s why I write about this topic plus earlier I don’t know about much online job so for this I use this tool to explore more about this topic and it really helps me a lot.

Ahrefs tool
Ahrefs tool

So in above image, you can see the most popular content for content marketing and how much this content is shared on all the social media websites. So this feature helps us to collect more content for our post.



Every Blogger needs backlinks and wants to increase DR AND UR. But the problem is from which sites we gain backlinks so that our DR and UR increases simultaneously.

Suppose my above two problems are solved , I have one focus keyword with less keyword difficulty and more organic  clicks and I write post of 5,000 words but I don’t have backlinks for my keyword or for my home page , it is of no use because without backlinks we never rank on google , every website need link juice for DR AND UR.

So this was the third problem I faced after I posted my first blog but at that time I had no backlinks.

So at that time, Ahrefs tool helped me a lot.



In Ahrefs tool, there is a feature name AHREFS  SITE EXPLORER in which we get an in-depth look at the backlink profile and search traffic of any website or URL.

This feature is the best feature I think because this feature helps us to know where we actually stand. Just copy/paste any website URL  in site explorer, we can easily see DR AND UR of any website, all the backlinks they have, all the organic keywords they are using, all the organic traffic and Traffic value.

So if we want to gain more backlinks, just copy/paste any famous website URL and we can watch their backlinks and this will helps us to gain backlinks for our website.

We can see their organic keywords means on which keywords they posted their post so that we can also work on these keywords to gain more traffic.

Ahrefs tool gives us rank according to our DR AND UR, this rank helps us mentally so that we should do more hard work to gain more DR AND UR to improve the rank.

Ahrefs tool
Ahrefs tool

So in above image, you can see DR AND UR of that particular website.

No of backlinks they have, organic keywords and organic traffic

Most important Ahrefs rank which is very good as you can see.


“So the conclusion is to rank your website at first page of Google, Ahrefs tool is the solution”



URL Rating – Ahrefs’ measure of the quantity and quality of links pointing to a given URL. Link quantity and quality correlate with higher rankings in search engines.

Domain Rating – Ahrefs’ measure of the quantity and quality of links pointing to an entire domain. Link quantity and quality correlate with higher rankings for all URLs on a domain in search engines.

Ahrefs Rank – Ahrefs’ ranking of a domain’s rating relative to all the other domains on the Internet.

Backlinks – The number of hyperlinks pointing to a URL.

Referring Page – The number of pages with a hyperlink pointing to a URL. A page can have multiple links.

Referring Domains – The number of unique domains with a hyperlink pointing to a URL. A domain can have multiple referring pages and backlinks.

Referring Content – Ahrefs’ measure of the relative traffic that a unique piece of content sends to a given URL based on the popularity of the referring content.

Anchors – The anchor text used within a URL’s backlinks.



You can buy this tool from flikover.com, at Rs.600/month

There are more tools in Flikover.com such as –

1- WordAi:- This tool helps you when you don’t know what to write on pa articular topic so you can just copy someone content and paste in word, Basically word is a spinner which helps us to spin the content so that our content becomes different from that content which we copied.

This tool is very helpful for those who entered in a blogging world but face problems related to what to write, So just copy/paste any content and spin it to get a super unique content.

You can buy this tool from Flikover at Rs. 400/month.

2- Grammarly:- If you do grammatically mistakes then this tool will help you for sure, many people do grammatically mistakes even I also do and it looks weird when someone points out your mistakes. So through this tool your, all mistakes can be correct easily

You can buy this tool from Flikover at Rs. 200/ month

3- Buy combo:- You can also buy  both Ahrefs tool and WordAi tool, Flikover.com gives us time 2-time update of this offer.

Also, you can take ahrefs free trial for 15 days to experience all features in it.



Apart from Ahrefs tool, here are more tools just like this such as Moz, Semrush etc. So it is not compulsory to use Ahrefs tool only you can use other tools also.

Approach Ahrefs with specific marketing goals in mind, and you’ll get a lot of value out of it. Be sure to use it as more than a backlink checker.

If you are curious about other marketing tools, here’s how I categorize the universe of Ahrefs’ competitors. They generally all specialize in 1 channel but overlap with a secondary channel.

Ahrefs = Primarily SEO with Social components and some PPC data.

Moz = Primarily Analytics/Education with SEO and Social components.

SEMRush = Primarily PPC with SEO components.

BuzzSumo = Primarily Social with SEO components.

Majestic = Exclusively SEO with a focus on penalty analysis. Great complement w/ Ahrefs.

SpyFu = Primarily PPC with SEO components.

Raven Tools = Primarily Analytics with SEO and Social components.


If there is any problem related to above post you can ask me in a comment section.


Hello everyone, Welcome to my blog, Dontbejonsnow! I'm Sagar Taneja, a not so popular blogger from New Delhi, India. I started blogging in July 2017 and I write all about Digital Marketing like SEO, social media, making money online etc.

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